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$72.60 plus $6.80 postage

We have placed this on our front page because this is the most important item we sell. 

I am offering you a solenoid that fits John Deere  tractors 5045D, 5045E, 5055D, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E.   For John Deere starter #RE534939   PC4501....This solenoid is very difficult to buy elsewhere. John Deere will not sell you a starter solenoid for these tractors. They want you to buy an entire starter for $448.  There is no cross-reference information available for these tractors so buying an aftermarket solenoid is very difficult. 

Your tractor will just click most of the time when you try to start it. You have cleaned and tightened all the battery connections. 12 volts is arriving at the switching terminal. It is for sure the solenoid. Check Autozone, Advance, NAPA, Fisher's, and others.  Nobody has any information for the tractor. Nobody recognizes the starter or solenoid. Often the tractor has less than 200 hours on it but is out of warranty.    Are you willing to buy a new complete starter every 200 hours? 

   I feel it is very unwise and unfair for John Deere to fail to carry such common repair parts. I believe  John Deere solenoids are defective from the factory because so many of them are going bad on very new tractors.  We have had customers tell us that they replaced the entire starter with a new one from John Deere, not once, but TWICE, only to have them fail AGAIN.  The John Deere solenoids seem to only last about 200 hours. NONE of our solenoids have failed..  We have over 150 of our solenoids on John Deere tractors across the nation.

 The pictures show an original John Deere Bosch solenoid alongside our aftermarket solenoid.  The original has the orange boot.   The boot color on the aftermarket solenoid varies

Notice in the picture that the original solenoid has a little groove in it's mounting surface.  The aftermarket solenoid does not have that groove. The absence of the groove does not affect the function at all, but it did bother one customer, so I am mentioning it.  The small wire on the solenoid uses a spade connector that the tractor wire does not have.  The spade connector is now supplied with the solenoid.  Remember... This solenoid is NOT made for the John Deere tractor.  The John Deere ones don't last very long..  It is NOT an identical fit. This is the closest thing you'll find anywhere.   If you buy a complete John Deere starter for $448 I expect you'll be buying another one in about 200 hours.  I believe we offer the best alternative.  I believe we have the only alternative.  

Important directions:  Put a little silicone between the two mounting surfaces to make sure water doesn't get inside.  START all three mounting bolts.  TAKE  TURNS tightening the bolts a little at a time.  If you tighten the first bolt completely, the second one will be hard to start, and the third bolt will be impossible. Don't try to replace the solenoid without removing the starter from the tractor. 

 If you have questions or concerns you can call us at 270-589-0767